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We at Rachel’s Table get to wake up every day and know that what we do makes a difference. That itself is a wonderful thing to feel. But we don’t do it alone – we do it with YOU! We are so fortunate to partner with so many amazing individuals, businesses, fellow food rescuers, volunteers, teenagers, elders… the list goes on. Our mission, to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger, is as important, if not more, today as it was 28 years ago when Rachel’s Table was founded. We also support initiatives that aid in the eradication of hunger, such as growing gardens in what might normally be considered food deserts, so that everyone has easy and inexpensive access to healthy food.

In order to do what we do, we stay grateful to so many, including you.

Particularly, this month, we thank:

Steve and Alissa Korn – for your insight into supporting our agencies with fresh protein and produce during this time.

Suze Goldman – for your care to feed our front lines.

Zach Schwartz – for your expertise and artistry in creating signs to feed our front line workers visually and through food!

Bobby Barkett – for your delicious food you prepared and co-donated with us to our agencies and to our front lines!!

Jace Sadowsky – for helping our agencies and restaurants at the same time!!

Joe Dorison and Janice Greenberg – for supporting this newsletter and making sure our stories get told, so more people can get fed!

Carol Buckheit of Just Giving Communications – for writing the lead piece, and for donating her time to the creation of our first e-newsletter template!

If your name isn’t here this month, keep looking at this space. We know who you are and what you do for our community. We see you and we thank you!!!!

And happy birthday to Seymour Frankel!!! You are one of our awesome volunteers – a hunger hero every day!!!

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