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Chana Laila

Chana joins Rachel’s Table with over 10 years of experience in office management and administration, with a focus on creative optimization and team building. She brings with her a lifetime’s passion for gardening, environmental sustainability, and creating community through music and the arts. Chana Laila is an experienced herbalist who shares her garden plants and produce with her community, creates hand-crafted wellness products, and offers design consultations and support to aspiring gardeners. Chana studied music composition and performance at Hampshire College, has recorded two full length albums, and has spent many years leading live concerts, drumming workshops, and women’s Torah study groups, with a focus on bringing people together, building community, and facilitating personal growth. Chana is a trained birth doula who has supported many women with holistic labor support and postpartum services, and she is also a devoted mother of 5 wonderful children. Chana is excited to be directing her efforts towards furthering the mission and reach of Rachel’s Table, with a passion for the hard work necessary to make meaningful contributions.

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