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Special Food Projects

Over the years, many generous people have created special projects to help feed the hungry. Find out specific ways you can help, or start a program of your own!

The Bernice and Joseph Kalicka Milk Project

The Kalicka family recognized that milk, a vital part of a nutritious diet for women and children, is a very expensive commodity. The Kalicka Milk Project allows Rachel’s Table to purchase shelf-stable milk for shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens that serve women, children and families in need.

The Protein Project

Many of our shelters and food pantries have access to non-perishable food items collected by schools and other organizations. However, providing their clientele with enough fresh protein is both expensive and logistically challenging. Thanks to the generosity of local business leaders, Rachel’s Table is able to purchase fresh fish, chicken, and meat for our agencies.

The Sanford and Toba Kimball Food Bank Project

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts allows our agencies to purchase food for only $.19 per pound. Sanford and Toba Kimball, long-time volunteers for Rachel’s Table, wanted to acknowledge the hard work that our agencies do on a daily basis, and created a fund in their honor. The Kimball Program provides our agencies with cash credits for the Food Bank.

The Birthday Cake Program

All children deserve to celebrate their birthday with a cake, and Rachel’s Table makes sure that this happens. We provide $10 Big Y gift certificates and coins to any agency that serves children. The agencies use these certificates to purchase a birthday cake for each child.

Fruit ‘n Granola “Grant–A-Snack” Program & Uncle Paul’s Snack Closet

Kids need healthy, nutritious snacks to help them grow both physically and intellectually. The two snack programs- one created in memory of Phil Grant, and one created by Matt Goldstein on the occasion of his bar mitzvah in memory of his Uncle Paul- provide our agencies with healthy and kid-friendly snacks.

Posnick Fresh Produce Project

Providing adequate nutrients to the hungry is expensive but critical: the vitamins, minerals and fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to duplicate. Rachel’s Table purchases fresh produce for our agencies on a rotating basis.

Daydie’s Thanksgiving Fund

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate bounty. When Daydie Hochberg, of blessed memory, turned 70, she decided to share some of her bounty with her hungry neighbors. With the help of friends and family, she established a fund that allows our agencies to buy food for Thanksgiving. Bruce Hochberg, along with family and friends, are continuing to support this fund as a tribute to Daydie’s memory.

ESSEN-tials: a Kosher Food Distribution Project of Rachel’s Table and Jewish Family Service 

People who observe kashrut- the Jewish dietary laws- cannot depend on food pantries to meet their needs. As a result, hunger among kosher Jews has become a serious problem.  Funded by a generous grant from the Jewish Endowment Foundation and the Nefesh Fund and in collaboration with Jewish Family Service, Rachel’s Table provides kosher food to hungry individuals and families every other month. Food includes special items appropriate for the seasonal holidays, kosher meat and chicken, produce and other non-perishable kosher items.

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