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Christian Castillo, “Hungry for Death”, 1st place winner 2019 Artsfest

Artsfest 21! Teen Board more active than ever to fight hunger and change the world!

This month the Teen Board sponsored its Artsfest 21, an all-genre, all-age art contest to raise awareness about hunger, especially childhood hunger, in the Pioneer Valley. Currently, 1-in-4 children are food insecure in our area, an increase of one-third since the pandemic began. Students of the UMass nursing program helped create lesson plans for youth on health and hunger and are joining our virtual ceremony to honor the winners on March 21! Click on the image below to look at the entries!

Have a look at the entries!

One beautiful story from this event thus far: one of the teachers who gave the task of making art about health and hunger to her students reported to us that the students that jumped at this task had been unresponsive all year – and this challenge brought them excitedly to art class to share their thoughts and feelings about this topic with you!

The Teen Board will next be working with youth from all races, religions and backgrounds to sponsor a youth legislative summit which can support laws to make a difference in our neighbors’ lives!

The Teen Board, sponsored in part by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, has as its mission to educate themselves and others about hunger and work together to make a difference. This year, a large focus has been learning about food justice and how we can help change systems to not only feed people but also to create the possibility that more people will become food secure in our region. The Teen Board is open to all youth, from all faiths and backgrounds, from Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties, and meets monthly to do service work and learn about food justice! Know a teen? Get in touch with Rebecca Mitrani Marmor, Rachel’s Table’s Teen Board Director:

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