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Sponsor Gleaning Day!!

Rachel’s Table started a new tradition – and your company can be a part!

For our $10,000 and over Bountiful Bowls sponsors, Rachel’s Table offered a day of company gleaning! PeoplesBank and the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation gathered willing volunteers and we spent a lovely fall day picking apples at Easy Pickin’s Orchard, learning about food security and reducing food waste, and enjoying some apple desserts and apple cider! The participants then dropped off the 1,530 pounds of apples picked to the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Springfield. The best part – we got to bond doing something good together.

Join us – if your company can sponsor Rachel’s Table at the $10,000 level, one of our gifts of gratitude is this gleaning day. If you would rather not sponsor, or sponsor at this level, but want to support our mission, your company can choose a team to help us deliver food for a day when we have extra food to recover! The wonderful people at Gagne Wealth Management did this with us and delivered over 3,000 pounds of lasagna! Perhaps instead your office would want to put together a food drive and include your clients or customers to join in on the goodwill. Or, sponsor-a-week by creating a fund drive in your office to help us deliver at least 6,000 meals for $1,500.

We thank PeoplesBank and the Davis Foundation for their tireless support. PeoplesBank has been now a 14-year corporate sponsor of Rachel’s Table, and the Davis Foundation was the initial sponsor of the RT Gleaning program!!!

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