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Coordinator of Teen Board of Rachel’s Table

Reporting to the Director of Rachel’s Table, the Coordinator of the Teen Board is an 11-month part-time position for 15 hours per month. The primary focus of the Coordinator of the Teen Board is to oversee, support, engage with, advise, and help recruit youth for the Board and its officers, to co-lead meetings with teen leaders and to help run programs co-sponsored by the Teen Board. The Coordinator will also ensure that the educational objectives of teaching Tzedakah (charity/justice), Mitzvot (good deeds), and understanding the Jewish underpinnings of food justice in connection with the values of the youth on the Teen Board are met through the activities of the Teen Board. The Teen Board Coordinator will assist in the creation of curricula to serve these ends. Of note, the youth of the Teen Board are of diverse religious backgrounds; therefore the Teen Board Coordinator’s role is to share Jewish values within a humanistic context in a respectful milieu.


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